09 July, 2005

a day of mixed fortunes

Well yesterday, I went down to Furness Vale to visit Gaynor with whom we stayed with last year. Gaynor is a relative of 'L's Manager Ruth. So I caught the train down and changed at Stockport for the final leg into Furness Vale. But, when I got off the train, I knew I had to walk up the hill up a very narrow road and turn at a Y junction but which one was it?? After about 30 mins or so, I gave up as I was getting more than a little and not wanting to get LOST!!!!
When I did get back to Liverpool, I had a 'date' with Auntie Pat to go to the Bingo here at the Retirement Village. It would have been a hoot except for the fact that I had a 'quick' lie down at 6.20pm which ended up being a 2am wake-up!! WOW I must have been dog tired.

Today, in about 20-30 mins actually, I will be off back to Liverpool Lime Street station to catch the train back up to Manchester Airport. It is from here that the conference organisers have put on a shuttle bus service into Llandudno. So hopefully there will be some spectacular scenery that I can get some photo's of. And I promise that when I get to the hotel I will send across some pics!!

Oh, before I go, today marks the return of summer here with temperatures ranging from 26-28 degrees!!!!

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