10 July, 2005

while you were sleeping

please excuse me, but I am not sure which email address I am meant to be using to converse with my husband.

B, I must apologise for the dozen or so SMS's I sent you this morning (your night), it was lovely to get your SMS to say goodnight/morning. I did try calling but the number you gave me at the B&B went to a fax machine. I should have tried the mobile (by the way can you please get that 2 card thingy for your mobile) however, I just do not know which number to call. It took me some time to work out the area codes and Miss Jas (the little witch) had left me a wet present on the floor, so that by the time I rang and got the fax machine, and sent the SMS's, I was quite worked up.

Anyway, so far whilst you have been sleeping I
  • have moved quite a few of the pot plants off the front lawn and out back, including the lime, it looks quite good.
  • mopped the floors, I figured if I had to clean Jas's mess I might as well do the lot.
  • got the ladder out and attempted to reach the gutters out front (it looked like rain) but gave up when I realised the ladder was about a metre short and I could do myself an injury.

I am now waiting for mum and dad to arrive so that we can cut down some of the privet and replace the broken window panes. It is not going to be fun, it is a really horrible day, with howling winds that are icy cold. I have the heater on and am huddled under a quilt at the computer at present.

On a pleasant not though, I have discovered that sitting at the computer and looking from this window I can see Centerpoint Tower. Another reason why the Liquid Amber must go.

I will ring you around 6ish my time, I am guessing that they might switch the phones to fax after a certain time. Although could you check the number you sent me?


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