10 July, 2005

while you were sleeping addendum

or should it be 'glass replacement 101'. I didn't get near the privet, and the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows ......

Glass replacement lesson no. 1
Measure the frame for the window pane twice ..... did that to the nearest millimetre for no less than 15 window panes.
Measure the frame from the outside ..... or you will be out by up to 1cm .... and this is where I went wrong.
Have a first aid kit on hand (pardon the pun) .... for the repair needed for the slicing of finger whilst handling freshly cut (and wrong sized) glass .... something I didn't have on hand (pardon the pun), so am now sporting a strip of old flannellette nightie from the rag bag wrapped around finger with masking tap holding it in place (thank you, mum).
Stay calm when all goes wrong (thank you, dad) have a cup of tea and piece of sweet bun, continue to spend the rest of the day chiselling out putty, measure windows twice from the outside and with a metal ruler (dad came prepared, he had a feeling about this job), and if you're as pathetic at the home handyperson stuff as I obviously am, and have a great mum and dad, they will come back during the week to finish the job.

Next weekend ... 'pointing 101' or remortaring brickwork.

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