02 February, 2007


it is day two of no hot water at our place, and I am desperate for a shower. It is hot and muggy, and definately two showers* a day weather. I am lucky that I am able to work from home (I am on a morning tea break at the moment, ok), although it is probably luckier for my workmates that this is possible. I feel I stink!

The electrician and plumber are working away as I type. We are going from the rusty Rheem electric hot water storage to the Rinnai gas continous flow. I am quite excited as we shall be going from no environmental star rating to a 5.6 environmental star rating. We are environmentally minded, and had this on our list of things to replace in the future. However, with water gushing from our old unit discovered by B when it had got to the point of overflowing the overflow and via the garage was rushing down our driveway somewhat like Niagara Falls, the future became now.

Break due to power being turned off, and on....
1.31pm ~ I am showered, and it was good. But back to work, and strangely enough I feel far more productive!

*short ones, I know we are in the worst drought for 100 years.

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