10 February, 2007

construction zone

the construction of the verandah is really happening this weekend, it is nearing the end of day one and the boys* are on their fifth trip to Bunnings. So far we have the two cast iron posts up and one of the cedar ones, with one of the beams temporarily bracing one cast iron post to a cedar post. I think I will share progress pictures when all posts, beams and rafters are in place. This means that there will be no pictures before the end of next weekend as we need to get more timber for the rafters, purchasing only enough to brace the posts and beams at this stage.

Next week we shall have to start sourcing someone to do the roofing and guttering. Tomorrow when we fix the rafters to brace the posts and beams we are going to have to remove the guttering from the rear of the house. I can guarrantee that the 'worst drought in 100 years' that we are experiencing will be broken, so I want to line the roofing and guttering guy up pretty soon.

Although we got off to a bit of a shaky start this morning with holes drilled in the concrete slab not lining up and the special dyna bolt thingys getting destroyed in the process (those little suckers are unforgiving, once they're in they're in and get wrecked when you have to force them out), it would seem like we are actually going to pull this verandah construction off.

Other items on the list for this house are:
  • Convert laundry; completely gut, retile, waterproof, and rearrange layout to fit a toilet and shower.
  • Fix plumbing in the bathroom; this is going to be a big plumbing job but will need to be done before the next task.
  • Rejuvenate bathroom; if the budget is not completely shot by this stage, this will mean a new bathroom in keeping with the house (ie late federation-early californian bungalow), otherwise new vanity, mirror, showerscreen, and get someone in to reenamel the bath and repaint the tiles.
  • Replace laundry and bathroom doors with the leadlight doors purchased at an auction last year. This will let more light into the hallway, with the added bonus of knowing if someone is already in the bathroom.
  • New Kashmir White granite kitchen bench tops, new stove and rangehood, and retro SMEG fridge. All completely frivolous requirements at the moment as there is nothing wrong with the kitchen or the appliances at this stage, but I like to plan ahead.
  • Rainwater Tanks; these are planned to be installed as soon as the laundry is converted.
  • Repainting the outside woodwork, this is going to need to be done in the next five years, at which point we will hopefully have decided on a colour scheme other than the existing primrose and heritage green (boring).
  • Install post for side gate.
  • Fix cubby house, it is in dire need of help now, but, well as you can see there is so much to do already,

And, if this were a ten year plan, I would probably suggest that a new front fence might be in order, and somewhere in all this is a concrete slab for the spa which is becoming more of a necessity with each job.

*JF kindly offered his services, and we are very grateful. I am grateful it gave the opportunity to get out of the sun, heat and humidity occassionally.

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