18 February, 2007

barnaby restaurant review

Why do you think I am writing a restaurant review? Especially, the 'highly awarded' Barnaby's Restaurant?
Well, you see, we have an Entertainment book, which offers all sorts of discounts from Mc Donald’s to attractions etc. We decided that, whilst we can't use the discount card on Valentines Day, we would hold off to the following weekend, to us, Saturday night.
After putting in a very solid day of work around the house, we were both tired, but still we scrubbed up and off we went on our Valentine date. We called ahead to book a table, and we were asked to sit in the bar as we were a little early, 10 mins to be exact. We had a drink and decided on what we wanted for dinner, Chicken and Vegetable spring roll, with soy and chilli dipping sauce for an entree, and the renowned seafood platter for a main. We were then escorted to the table where we were given menus and ordered straight away, time check, 8.20pm.
After about 45 mins, our entree arrived, and a couple sat down at an adjoining table about 5-10 mins later. It is needed to be said, that the entree was delicious, and gave a very real interpretation as to what the seafood platter will be, bring it on as we are HUNGERY!
Some 30 mins later, the above mentioned table who had not only ordered a seafood platter, but was having it served! Time check here, 9.40pm. I did ask a waiter nearby, about the delay (a recurring them on many tables around us) he went off, and came back a couple of minutes later and said it will be soon...
After a further 10 mins or so I had just about had enough by this stage, so I went up to the Maitre’d, to enquire as to the whereabouts of our meal. Another wait staff member standing nearby, to whom the question WAS NOT directed, came over to say that it will not be long now, and asked me to return to my table (I should have asked, ok smart ass, what am I having since you know where I am sitting???) but I was totally shocked that he simply butted in! I returned to our table and told L what had happened. Another of the 'Senior Wait Staff' came over to try and put us at ease, and offered us complimentary drinks, Great, Bourbon and Coke for me and a Lemon Lime and Bitters for L! It is at this point, I should point out, the table on the opposite side of us with two gentlemen on it had ordered coffees. Simple?? NO! They ended up waiting 40 mins for a bloody cup of coffee!!!!
Anyways, whilst we were being offered the comp drinks, the rude guy came to the table and told L that the chef had said it will be 10 mins more. Ok, we will wait...
And wait we did. 10 mins came and went, and at the 20 min mark I went off to the toilet and before I left, we came to the agreement that if it was not there by the time I returned, then enough is enough... it was not there, so we started to leave. The senior girl tried to stop us, saying that it will be there in 2 seconds, please stay... NUP, I was well and truly over it, it is now nearly 2 bloody hours!!! As we were walking up the door and register to pay for the entree, (do you think we should have had to pay for this???), a pair of waitresses were coming out of the kitchen with OUR dinner, but we were well and truly put off this meal for the delay we had to endure!
We paid our account and left! Never again Barnaby's, NEVER AGAIN!

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