16 February, 2007

Valet Uncle Joe

Last week, I received an email from my Aunty Pat in the UK, (Seaforth Liverpool to be exact!) with some very sad news. My uncle Joe, whom had been quite ill for some time, had past away.

I had only met Uncle Joe in 2005, but I had always heard about him over the years. On this occasion in July '05, Aunty Pat took me around to his place for an afternoon tea. I was amazed at his house, and whilst I observed oxygen lines all about the house, he was a very independent man indeed. He made the tea with a minimal of fuss, and insisted on it what’s more!
One of his many traits I remember was to go to the local pub for a beer. Even though he was ill, he made time to get down there and have a social moment, no doubt, with the boys.

Whilst it is 10.44pm Friday 16th February, I understand that it is 11.44am Friday 16th February, so the funeral would be happening soon.

For everyone over there in the UK, from everyone over in in Australia, our thoughts are with you all in your time of grief. We only wish that we could be over there for you all.

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