12 February, 2007

as forecast

the heavens opened.

syd radar 11022007

Having taken the guttering down from the rear of the house late Saturday in order to attach rafters to the eves of the house and stabilise our work, we woke Sunday to the sound of torrential rain. So much so that at 5.00am we were up scrambling for towels to slow the flow of water coming in under the french doors.

It continued to rain on and off through Sunday, although we didn't let that slow us down. With Mum and Dad's help and enough sunny periods throughout the day we trimmed the Bottlebrush, erected the remaining two timber posts, a beam and 2 rafters. It probably also helped that we didn't make one trip, let alone the five we did yesterday, to Bunnings.

It has rained solidly pretty much since we packed up last night. In fact it was a two bathsheet under the door night, and two beach towel under the door day.

verandah before and mid-construction

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