15 September, 2008

Call the police; somebody stole the weekend!

Over the last weekend, an unusually warm one at that, we had a major attack of the 'lazy's', that is, not much was done! Well, not quite, there was a fair bit done, just nothing that really needed to be done! We did however, catch up on a lot of the videos stacked up to the side of the TV from mid-week shows that doubled up, shows that were on whilst we were busy and that sort of thing...
Saturday, which was meant to be 27 degrees (C), actually turned out to be 32 degrees, so after a quick jaunt to a sale (photo's and a separate post all to itself is warranted here...) where we L spent more than our recently instigated daily budget. After heading home and getting some house and garden work done, L went off to work, yes, on a Saturday afternoon!
I managed to get a bit of washing done, and although I was supposed to get the citrus sprayed (stick bugs on the Lemon) and the weeds sprayed as well (Onion weed in amongst the Roses), these were not able to get done due to it being really gusty! So I just had a spa instead...
Sunday, was a very lazy day... L went back to bed (headache, and feeling overly nauseous) and did not take to long to go back to sleep... I went upstairs to work on the new computer, and went down to see if she would like a cuppa. She was actually sound asleep! After she awoke, we decided that we will go to the shops for a bit of 'therapy' and some lunch before coming home to catch-up on those videos. During this, we both fell back to sleep, and when we woke-up, L went upstairs to continue with the report upstairs, whilst I got dinner sorted.
When she eventually came down, this is the site we saw on our bed...

Jasmine on tapestry

Jasmin on tapestry
Now L has been working on this tapestry for a little while now, and of ALL the bed she could have picked to sleep, she HAD to sleep on it!

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