22 May, 2009

Is a Church a good place for a shop?

Stamford, is a place that is full of Church's... There are so many, that in fact, some have closed. One was a working 'Historical' museum of sorts, but this one, just blew me away. Is it just me, that this is not a good use for the now disused church, OR is it ok to use it for a set of shops? I think that if they had concealed the shops in some way (as opposed to them being so 'in your face', then maybe it is ok. But, from what I heard, inside make no resemblance to what it was originally...

They even moved a lot of headstones to make way for the carpark for the shopkeepers...

So, is this ok, a good use of a church, or could they have done better with concealing the shopfronts??

Off to Kew Gardens next, stay tuned...


  1. It certainly is disheartening to see modernization creeping over precious monuments, here you see church converted to shops, some places we see beautiful old buildings demolished to make way for apartments or malls..
    But i think that is how things work.

    Tanya sent me here.

  2. I would have insisted that they conform to the church-ly standards. Too sad to see it deteriorate this way. Is nothing sacred?

  3. Good to see the new Blog Bern. It looks wonderfull green over there - perhaps there is rain?? Your pics are great - especially like the blue flower!


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