23 May, 2009

Kew Photo Mosaic

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1. Kew Tree Top Walk, 2. Kew Palm House WIDE, 3. Kew Palm House, 4. Kew LARGE Seed, 5. Kew Funny Seed, 6. Kew 3 Sedd Pods, 7. Kew Large Seed, 8. Kew Seed, 9. Kew Allium, 10. Kew Seeds Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Not much has really changed within Kew, but I do seem to be having a recurring theme throughout this trip, Sculptures. You will remember that back at Burghley I visited the 'Sculpture Garden', and now at Kew Gardens, the first thing I got to see when through the gates, was MORE sculptures, this time, from Willow Twigs.

There was an amazing array of different sculptures and things, but I also got to walk around the gardens. Much of it I saw back in 2004, so I did not go back into some of the exhibits, but more so walked around and enjoyed the Gardens. One thing I did go back to look at, was the 'Tree Top Walk', which on this trip, is a more permanent structure. In 2004, it was more of a scaffolding mess, where as now (see pic above in mosaic) tends to blend in more with the surroundings. It is built of a rusted steel (which blends nicely to look like tree trunks). I was going to go up, but the lift was unserviceable, and I did not at all feel like climbing the steps as I was a little sore, so I enjoyed the view from below.

The following day, I took "The Original Bus Tour" around Central London. This was a great trip, a little cold which was not so pleasant and against the forecast, but I got to see all of the sights. Due to it being extremely overcast (typical London?), I did not get a good pic, so I went for a second trip the following day. Thank goodness for a 24 hour ticket! I will do another mosaic tomorrow with those pics!

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  1. Lovely pictures.
    How are you doing my friend? I think about you so often.


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