14 May, 2009

Ness Botanic Gardens

Tuesday, Aunty Pat took me across the Wirral to the Ness Botanic Gardens. It is in a very quaint parcel of land across the River Mersey. We got there, by way of missed connections and waiting, but that was OK as the day was lovely and warm...

Upon arrival, I was delighted by the lovely entrance:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Due to our day of missed connections, we were a little peckish, and had lunch in the little Cafe before heading out into the Gardens. I came across a little 'lookout' and the view was grand:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Upon rounding the corner to get to the lower level of the Garden, there was an embankment of (mainly) blue Blue Bells, with the odd white one thrown in as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Bells

Just a short distance on, there was a great maze mown into the grass as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Lawn Maze

A short distance away was an amazing Yellow Arbour, and this amazingly blue flower:

Ness Botanic Gardens Arbour

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Flower

Continuing along the way, we came across a 'Monet' styled bridge and a tricky little carving:

Ness Botanic Gardens Monet Bridge

Ness Botanic Gardens Woodwork


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