12 May, 2009

I'm here!!!...

After the 14.5 hour flight to Dubai on Emirates A380, I arrived quite refreshed actually! I had a bit of sleep along the way (enough time to get some anyway, right?). I had what I thought to be a fair bit of time to have another look around this wonderful place... WRONG!
I was at the furthest most end of the terminal (to where I needed to be) when I heard my flight had started boarding... I then had to rush through what I was doing (looking for an IPod Touch for my nephew who had just started working and saving...) and walk briskly (running) to the gate, only to find that yes, they had started boarding, but it was only to a holding area where we then waited for another 20-30 minutes!
Once on board, I was nicely settled into my seat, chatted briefly to the lady in the aisle seat, that we were fortunate enough to have the centre one free... But the a local gentleman (loosely named) boarded and started to move everyone else's luggage to accommodate his... We then taxied to the active runway and departed... After about 20 mins the seat belt sign went off and his seat came back. I asked him nicely, if he could just raise it a little as I could not even see the TV screen... A small argument happened, and result was that I would be moved! Up to Business class though!! The 'Trolley Dolley' (aka Hostess) told me later in the flight that they had another issue with him, but more so that the seat was faulty in its recline!
Anyways, I arrived at Manchester, caught the train across to Liverpool and settled down... We did a day trip today, and I will post all about it tomorrow, I'm exhausted!

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