09 February, 2012

photo a Day Challenge - Day 39 Front Door

It is widely known, within the family, that when L won two stain glassed doors at an auction, I desperately wanted to use one of them as the front door. They were lovely OLD doors, and I just couldn't win the fight, so I sanded them back, repaired, painted and hung the doors on the bathroom and the laundry. Don't you think they're nice??

Laundry Door

BUT, as this is a 'Front Door' post, here is the front door, in a new colour scheme of which I must finish doing the remaining parts of the house... At LEAST I won the battle of what colour it was going to be painted, as L wanted something brash and bold (PINK or RED) but i was NOT going to do it, so it remained dark green until last year. Maybe its a bit boring, but I like it!!

Front Door NEW old COLOURS

Hoo roo for now...


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