12 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 42 Inside your Closet

I had the most EXCELLENT thing planned for this post, but alas, it didn't OR wouldn't have worked given what I came home to this afternoon after the F-I-L's birthday lunch! We had a storm come through, and whilst the back verandah was mud/silt covered, the front bay window leaked (quite badly) with all of the Murano Glass getting wet and two cushions - both were works L did using x-stich and tapestry! Additionally, the window above my bed allowed water in, although it was only a very small amount on the deep window sill.


Today, we had a birthday BBQ for the F-I-L, he turned 70! It was a wonderful day, a roast pork in the Webber, sausages on the BBQ, and salads to boot as well. there was, in typical family style, many desserts to be had; a Pavlova that S made and a three tired sponge birthday cake!!



With THAT many blowing out the candles, I might pass on some cake thanks...

A had set up a cricket pitch in the front lawn (but I suspect, it wasn't measured, but shhhhh...) and the kids all enjoyed a fun time using the hose to cool down in the summer (finally) heat and humidity!

The Cricket Pitch

Summer fun with a hose

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. I cannot believe how they are growing! Those kids are so beautiful!
    Sorry about the leaks and all.Hope it won't be too hard to clean up.


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