06 September, 2012

Thursday Thirteen # 15 - Heritage Research

It has been a while since I have done one of these, but here goes...

I am doing a project at work, that has asked what happened to a set of gates, yes GATES, that were removed from one of the entrances. The Sandstone piers are still in place, well the two outer main piers, and beside them, the two pedestrian gate piers are, where as the center pier was removed (suggested to allow vehicular traffic with cars being wider than a horse and cart)

  1. Gateway first went in (from documentation I have found) in the mid to late 1800, c. 1834 an initial letter and believed to have been completed by 1879. Cost, approx, was 1,279 pounds!
  2. There were many gateways into work, however, these were part of a much wider, now removed, sandstone wall which was built to protect the then Governor's wife.
  3. Some of the gates, have had multiple locations around the site, with the advent of new motorways bisecting the site.
  4. The lower lodge, whilst now removed, was a charming little cottage, but the lodge aside of these gates, is a quaint sandstone cottage!
  5. Whilst originally thought the gates were removed in 1930, I have discovered that they were asked to be removed in 1925, as the police (in particular) were not in favour of the 'unsavoury' behaviour in the parklands behind the gates (which are to be remained open).
  6. A 'possible' theory was that these cast iron gates were most likely melted down to make munitions, although I am yet to find any evidence of this...
  7. Whilst impressive, if still installed (even as a token gesture), I am not sure if it would cause more issues than increasing the sense of 'arrival' into work.
  8.  A website that I am using, Trove, is fantastic, but, our library has a great source of reports, books and files (including photos and artworks) I still have a lot of reading to do.
  9. I also have a contact who sits on a committee I am on, who is an unbelievable source of information... I am so grateful for the knowledge held!
  10. I think I am about at the point, to start compiling the information, into a draft report, and send it on its way, with an updated version to come soon - hopefully, I can get this done by tomorrow!
  11. Today, I shall head over to one of the two libraries and State Records to look through some of the files they have...
  12. Looking forward to lunch over in the city today - not sure where yet, but something nice...
  13. Entrance to The Domain with three unidentified people and view of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral in background, Sydney.
     Entrance to Domain 189_ Robert Morse NLAWithycombe, Robert Morse, 1868-1936. Entrance to The Domain with three unidentified people and view of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral in background, Sydney [picture] [189-] 1 negative : glass Part of Robert Morse Withycombe collection [picture] 1882-1910
Hoo roo for now...


  1. Mine will go up at midnight EST my time. Missing gates? How mysterious! You are probably correct in your assumption that they might have been melted down in wartime.

  2. Hi B, this is so interesting, thanks for sharing! Aw

  3. Those gates are impressive. I can't imagine removing them completely, unless they were somehow damaged. If, as some speculate, they were melted down for munitions, why was the same not done to the other gates? It sounds like you have quite an interesting--though time-intensive--project to finish. My T13 post

  4. A work task like this beats boring old filing. The gates look very impressive in the photo.

  5. The gates looks really impressive. Keep us updated on your quest.


  6. An interesting project - Also wondering what those little alcoves in the roof are? I also restarted a Thursday 13 post this week.

    1. Not totally sure, but the roof on St Mary's went on (again) just before this photo was taken. I have others in the office that show the timber trusses!!

      I am thinking, maybe, ventilation perhaps??


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