14 September, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins

It's Friday Fill-Ins time, so here we go again...

  1. Sunshine, and hopefully summer, is coming soon, and  I am so looking forward to it... I love the warmth of summer.
  2. Kyle and Jackie O talking on the radio, morning radio is good, and it sets my mood for the day. They were talking about visiting a school, and talking to the kids in kindergarten, when one of the kids said, "I want to be a builder' is the last thing I overheard someone say.
  3. I found a recipe for "Beer Can Chicken", where you put a whole bird, and push it onto a can of beer through its, well... you know, right?, and it really tasted good!
  4. I'm looking forward to so many things, but more importantly, a rest over this weekend... Perhaps, other than gardening, a day in front of the TV watching movies.
  5. Right now I am somewhere I'd rather not be, both physically and mentally! I am at work, shhh, but my head hurts. Maybe a ride this afternoon to clear my head.
  6. Bronty makes me smile! She is stupid at times, yet her unconditional love and happiness when I get home, just makes it all better. 
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to fish 'n' chips for dinner, tomorrow my plans include mowing the lawns, throwing out a lot of chook manure out and watered in and Sunday, I want to do NOTHING at all and watch lots of TV! Although, Wisteria Gardens is open, so I may end up down there as it is a beautiful garden, with lots of Spring flowers! 

Hoo roo for now...


  1. Do you make your own Fish & Chips? Got a good recipe?

    1. alas, I am 'lazy' on a Friday night... There is a great shop down in Guildford, and it's not badly priced either...

      I probably could do it, but being Friday, its home, clean house and take-away!

  2. beer can chicken is the best!

  3. Lucky you, going towards the summer...We are just the opposite here!

  4. I've never tried beer can chicken. It sounds interesting. Do you have a specific recipe that you like?

    1. No, nothing specific... Beer you can play around with, I have tried bitters (VB here in Australia) and also a Stout... It adds a lovely flavour to it. Also, the only 'tip' (also quality control) take a mouthful out of the beer, so as when it boils (over time) it doesn't overflow, as such, and keeps the bird nice and moist!! And remember, to make a delicious gravy by just adding corn flour and a bit of pepper to the pan juices!


  5. From Friday Fill-ins commenting here for the first time. Hope you get to rest and enjoy your gardening. :-)


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