08 December, 2012


Today, I had the pleasure of delivering SOX, an 8.5 week Great Dane puppy, to a foster carer down south. I had picked up this little cutie mid-morning, and he got on well with Bronty, as she did with him!! Mind you, he slept all the way down!!!

Sleepy Sox
Wake UP!!!

When we got to the transfer spot at McDonalds Albion Park Rail, the foster people were there waiting. They were then going onto Cowra, which is another 4-5 hours drive away!! Needless to say, we were getting a lot of 'looks' as Bronty and Sox were stretching their legs, having a drink and even having a play!! He was just SO DARN CUTE!!!

Bronty & Sox
Bronty and Sox Playing

After saying our 'good-byes' I once again drove up the Illawarra Escarpment towards Sydney, and when I reached Loftus, I stopped for something to eat. It was the BEST chicken, cheese and tomato bread roll I have ever had! This, with a double shot coffee, was certainly needed. Bronty, on the other hand, was absolutely dead to the world asleep (puppy play?) and couldn't have cared less what I was eating!!

Anyways, we got home late afternoon, I had a snooze (as did Brnoty)...

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Haha! I can see how Sox attracted a bit of attention, cute much right!
    Thanks for the sculptures links, they do look a bit similar, but not same artist I don't think!


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