07 December, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins Time, So...here we go!

Hosted by Janet at Friday Fill-Ins
  1. I saw on the news last night, the most HORRIFIC news of a Police Officer having been killed in the line of duty yesterday... Read more HERE.
  2. I had an interesting 'discussion'* through the week, where a pretty big hint was dropped about something... I pleaded for more information, which never was given, but I did ask for a hint...just a hint, please! ALL to no avail though!
  3. Once I had wanted a new car, not a secondhand one, but a new one. I can't see this happening soon though, but I am considering a new, secondhand, one now...
  4. I use to really enjoy swimming, and I want to get back into it for some fitness. Its quite good, minimal impact, high cardio, so it should be good to lose weight, improve fitness and generally, get healthier! I should also get slimmer, like I was in times past.
  5. The road led to Goulburn during the week, an afternoon drive south took me some 5 hours return, nearly 400klm, but I had fun, it was peaceful and I enjoyed listening to Birdie, Christina Perri, Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett.
  6. The evening light, as well as in the morning light, offers the best for photography, especially at the airport when spotting. Its often referred to as "The Golden Hour"!
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  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with J, C & M (maybe; I've left my glasses at home, and I have eye strain already, and a headache brewing, so we'll see) at L'etoile in Paddington, tomorrow my plans include an early morning swim with Bronty at the beach, getting washing up-to-date, lawns mowed and Sunday, I want to have a BBQ lunch with L's family, for her birthday (during next week), and I will also be heading to the cemetery with some flowers as well!
Hoo roo for now...

* Discussion was via SMS, and the party (or parties) shall remain nameless for the purpose of this blogpost...


  1. Great Fill-Ins. Happy Weekend.

  2. I wasn't to spend most of the weekend resting. This flu has really knocked me down!

    1. Get well soon MB!!

      UPDATE though, Saturday, I am now delivering a 8.5 week Great Dane puppy to a foster home!! So a little drive, lots of cuddles along the way!!!

  3. You did a very creative fill in! I so loved reading it. Some day I hope you can get a new car. It's a nice feeling when you finally can do it.

  4. Sounds like a good playlist for your drive! Happy Friday. I hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. I bought a new car -- not worth it! However, the REASON I bought a new one as opposed to a used one was because I was buying a minivan (3 kids... kind of a necessity) and I'll be darned if I want to own a car that someone else's kid projectile vomited in. LOL I guess I'm a germaphobe!

  6. I am dying to know what the hints were about! I too need to get back into fitness- and swimming is probably the most fun way of doing it.
    And isn't Goulburn nice now that it isn't on a highway!

  7. Nice plans for the weekend. I just wish I can go swimming in the beach too. Happy weekends!


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