01 December, 2012

The Day The Hobbits Arrived (Thematic Photographic)

Ok, to be a part of Carmi's thematic Photographic this week, (Flying), I thought I'd add in the latest logojet, from Air New Zealand; The Hobbits!

The 'Hobbits' are arriving...
Arrival from AucklandThe 'Hobbits' are arriving...
Departure back to Auckland

You can, of course, read more about Thematic Photographic over on Carmi's blog... Written Inc!

The day started with rain, and although the forecast was to top 40c, I initially doubted this very much... How wrong was I! There was a few of us out there, and a few left to try and grab a different view of the beast. I, and a friend from Holland, and another local spotter all hung around on the mound. She did look lovely, and a credit to ANZ for doing it!

However, by the time it was scheduled to leave, it was now after midday and not the best for spotting, but the heat was increasing by the minute! And by the time it actually left, it was nearing 36c!

On my way home though, I had to stop at the Pool Clinic, and purchase a 'Creepy Crawly' for the in-laws pool. Initially, I was going to go home and pick up Bronty, but she was probably better at home in the cool, so I went straight over to their place. Installing it took no real time at all, and before too long, it was circling the pool picking up leaf litter from the bottom! We also added some chemical, chlorine and an acid to stop the chlorine escaping, and I left it to do its thing, happily do its thing at that!

By the time I got home, Miss Bronty was MORE THAN HAPPY to see me, bless her! I had gotten something light to eat for dinner, as the last thing I wanted to do was cook! The heat did NOT get any cooler, and thank goodness I fixed the air-conditioner a couple of months ago! I eventually got too bed, but later in the night, 2.30am Sunday, it was still 27c!

Summer Temp at 2.30am

Hoo roo for now...



  1. What a hot day to be out! I hid indoors-without air conditioning. And it just kept getting hotter and hotter, didn't it!? You braving the heat worked though...you got some great shots of the beautiful monster.

    1. It was HORRIFIC to say the least!! And not at all condusive to spotting in the middle of the day, but it is one for the personal collection (and I am glad/grateful for getting the heads up from a mate)!

      And thanks for the comments!! It actually looks great in the metal as opposed to just seeing photos of it!


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