28 December, 2012

Christmas is done and dusted - but NYE is coming!

Well, the last few days have been an almost complete blurr!!! From Last monday, my last few days have been like this...

  • Saturday - the drive northwards to Newcastle didn't eventuate - due to time constraints, but I did get the Christmas shopping started!
  • Sunday - allowed me to complete it all, well, almost all of it... it was a 'chillaxe' sort of day!We also went to the 'Lights of Christmas' display at St Mary's Cathedral!
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
  • Monday - I had a flexday from work, which allowed me to do some last minute shopping... The day was HOT, and it also had a LOT of humidity! Which could only mean one thing... Afternoon storms! Alas, it was mainly west, and they went from Penrith to Richmond in the afternoon, and we didn't get any until the late evening...
  • Tuesday - Christmas Day, I drove west to mums, collected her and then went to the in-laws on the Nth Shore for lunch. It's always a good feed there, and the original plan was to have lunch outside. But the weather wasn't at all kind, with rain all day, heavy at times and some thunder thrown in for good measure!! I then drove back to Penrith, dropped mum off and headed for home to rest! It was late!
    Christmas Table
    Blue and Silver Themed
    Presents Time
    Presents Time
  • Wednesday - Boxing Day, I had a skype call to MB in the USA. It was a great call as they had their Christmas morning together with J, and the following day to MB's daughters place (M) and to have the first Christmas with their grand-daughter, SR! It was also the first day of the Boxing Day Test Match where Australia are playing Sri Lanka in the Cricket. Its the long game (for those in the USA and other countries not familiar with the game, it is over 5 days! The shorter game, 'One Day Internationals' is over 50 overs each and more recently, the 20/20 big bash is 20 overs each)! I also, in the evening, went to my mates place (also a B) where we had gifts exchanged and a Christmas Dinner!! Was great to see the kids there enjoying the toys, and 'The Shed' in its element, B had done SUCH a lot of work on it!!
  • Thursday - was a Public Sector holiday, which meant that I have the day off, and in the morning, I had another skype call to the USA, this time, to MB, who was at M's place, and I got to see and hear SR again!!! She's so cute! We chatted for about an hour, and we spoke of Australian marsupials, namely the Tasmanian Devil and how it 'growls' as SR had been growled at by MB, and she was in a laughing mood over that (not to sure if the Tassie Devil would scare her though!). Didn't really do much at all that day, apart from watching the cricket of course!!
  • Friday - today, I am back at work today, boo hoo, but there is a bit to do about the place, as we prepare for NYE!

So thats about it for me, for now, I will come back and edit the Friday Fill-Ins when they are ready to go!!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. It was so much fun to Skype with SR. She was so cute!


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