18 December, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Industrial Disease

Ok, whilst this isn't 'quite' what this weeks Thematic is all about, go check out Written Inc for more, it IS still Industrial, and given the start up photo has a railyard in play, I thought I would go down that line...

I have always had trains as a hobby from when I was younger, and it has given way to aviation photography in some ways, but it is still there. And in these series of photos of trains, generally from another era, it shows the industrial nature that has/was needed for them to be built, as opposed to the sterile, 'slapped together' fashion they are now. There is also a photo of a 'V Set' that was demolished by a falling tree during a freak weather event. This too, shows the idustrial side to which the damage was caused and its removal...

Festival of Steam - Thirlmere Flyer
Festival of SteamCPH 1 & 7 Central Berry
CPH Tour to NowraTram 249 Loftus
Tramway Museum - LoftusTram Rail and Leaves
Tram TrackV13 DCM8028
V13 DamagedV13 DCM8028_CU
V13 Detail16102010_3237 Lithgow
Old Steamer

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Wow, V13 - I'm guessing a tree fell on it. Wow.

  2. A great series fro train buffs and to me as I worked with British Rail for a number of years after the Clapham train crash and the Hidden Report.

  3. Wow, these are great photos.

  4. I love trains too - these are fantastic photos! Poor old V13...

  5. Great old train pictures, but a big "ouch" for that one that was wrecked.

  6. Oh my goodness- what a wonderful collection of photos, they just capture all the beauty and sometimes pain effecting such a very important industry for us all. I could see that first photo placed in the homes or places of business that want to evoke that command of trains! Excellent post, thanks so much! Now I have to look at them all one more time!

  7. 'Down that line' you say Bernie, haha! Love the old steamers, they always look so much more romantic and adventurous than the modern trains, I must admit it's all about style and less about speed for me!

  8. Great photos! I know I am showing my age...but I do remember a trip to Campbelltown as a child - on a steam train! I also remember travelling on steam trains in India in 1977 - never, ever wear white - as i did!


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