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27 April, 2011

5 Day Easter Weekend, WOW!

Sydney RES

OK, so this is WHY I did not post over the last weekend... And apologies, its going to be a LONG post!

This Easter weekend, was set to be an extra LONG weekend, thanks to it also being ANZAC Day thrown in as well...

Good Friday, after a morning of procrastination, I headed down to the Royal Easter Show... Why did I procrastinate, well it was the first show since our last day there two days before L died in 2009. I had not thought I was being hesitant in going, but over dinner with my mate BF, where HE asked the question, I was (subconsciously)! But, anyways, here I was at the Show, and enjoying it a little... I travelled lightly this day, so not many photos for the day...

Ferris Wheel with sunset

Easter Saturday, was following on from a little stressful week in that my new iPhone had issues. When I had last plugged it in to synchronise with iTunes, both iTunes AND the iPhone wanted to do updates... not a problem here I thought, wrong, but as my computer was also having issues, that made it all into a much BIGGER problem! The laptop FROZE during the install of the new firmware upgrade which basically, stuffed my phone! I tried and tried and tried to search for a fix, but as try as I might, I could not find a resolution so it was off to the Apple Store to see if they can fix it. I was only there for a short period, with laptop in hand in case, and they pressed here and there and plugged it in and installed the new software and sync'd back... Everything re-instated... Ahhhh, how good is it to do regular back-ups, NOTHING lost! So it was now OFF to the show for me...

Friday night though, and here comes a funny story, I was given M's mother phone to call M when I got tot he Show. NOW, this phone, is a tiny little thing, weighs nothing and is very strange to me... When I got to the station, I left the car, got my camera bag out and headed to the train to the Olympic Park and onto the Show. I called M to say that I was in and met up with M and the crowd... When asked about M's mothers phone, I wished that the world would open up and swallow me as I had left it in my car back at the station near home! I had been in so much stress over the lead up to this, and this was no better... Oh well, it was laughed off and we started our walk around...

Easter Sunday I was at a family lunch over at C&P's place with the boys. She'd prepared a feast, as with her MIL... A great day was had... I headed home, VERY FULL, via A&S as they were unable to be there due to other family commitments and to see M&W for Easter.

Easter Monday, was ANZAC Day... Lest We Forget...

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.

The Ode comes from For the Fallen, a poem by the English poet and writer Laurence Binyon and was published in London in The Winnowing Fan: Poems of the Great War in 1914. This verse, which became the Ode for the Returned and Services League, has been used in association with commemoration services in Australia since 1921.

Tuesday, which was really the Easter Monday day in recognition, it was back to the Show. I still wanted to see some stuff there I had not already seen. the rain over most of the weekend, had taken its toll on the main Arena, but as per every other year it rains, it will be alright in a few weeks time... It was a cooler day, not cold, and I managed to catch up with A&S, with M&W! We sat in the Members Stand for a while and had a couple of beers... OK, maybe a few! After watching the Polocross, it was time for them to leave and I went and caught up with B,K with S and M We had dinner at Arizona's, and I had another beer, before heading home and an early night before work...

Hoo roo for now...


14 April, 2009

How was your Easter???

Well, we hope that you all have had a great Easter. Although we had a busy one, L is still rather sick at the moment... Easter was a great time to meet up with old friends, new friends and family!

We had the Easter lunch over at the MIL's, Roast Pork, Roast Lamb, Potatoes & Veges... And lets not forget about the deserts! There was so much food it was great!

The next sister down, C, is due to have her second baby in a couple of weeks. She went to have an ultrasound, and was in such pain (overfull bladder) that she had to go a 'release' a little! It actually showed then, that this little fella is actually due in a matter of weeks, a couple less than expected!

The last sister down, O, is about 20 weeks pregnant now. She spent Easter with her husbands family, so we missed out on seeing Rosie. But, Riley more than made up for the 'toddlers' in the room!

Our dear friends, B&K, are expecting their little bundle of joy soon as well! They had a 'baby shower' for the little one, and whilst the girls had tea and cakes inside, the boys also were there for drinks and nibbles outside. K was looking well. Good luck you guys, not long now!

We have been doing a lot of nothing over the last couple of weeks. We have even caught up on everything the TiVo had recorded for us! This was no mean feat, as it was deleting some as it had reached capacity! I installed the software on our laptop so as I can bring shows across from the Tivo to watch later. I still need to get the link across to the xBox so as we can store them there and remove it from the laptop! They are taking a lot of space!

The Royal Easter Show is in town again, and we went on Thursday as a 'pick me up', and again on Saturday. Although, on Saturday we were only there for about 2 hours really! We sat in the Members stand, watched the Show Jumping and L was really not feeling well at all so we left. I got her to wait at the entrance whilst I went and got the car, she could barely walk... We got home, and L went to bed and rested up.

We lost our lemon tree this last summer as well. I think it was from an invasion of the Bronze Orange bug. It had a bout of them last year, followed by another season of them this year. I did spray the tree for them, but unfortunately, it was a little late... We now have to look for a replacement one and to go with the Blood Orange, Lemonade, Chocolate Sapote and Lychee trees. Not to mention the vege patch, which has a pumpkin growing and in Bunnings yesterday, I got two Kale for L, she loves it in a stir-fry.