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19 May, 2011

Tonsillitis - PURE EVIL!

I've been a little, 'Down and Out' these last couple of days... It started last week, I started to feel a little 'weird' in that both my throat was a little sharp, but also I could tell my breath was not as fresh as it could be (no matter HOW many times I brushed...)! And, whilst in Melbourne, it really started to play a nice (sic) little song indeed!

So, when I got back from Bernie's funeral, I literally fell apart... Housework on Sunday was a very slow affair, I did get some done but no where NEAR the amount I wanted to get done! I went to work on Monday, as I had a meeting in the afternoon, but that got cancelled as the consultant I was meeting, was... well... SICK as well!! So I have been off work for the rest of the week... I have also had the flu on top of it as well and of course the trifecta is that the blood pressure is UP again (as with headaches)!!!

Hoo roo for now... ------

11 August, 2010

From the sick bed...

OK, I have not been all that well of late, not with a shoulder and arm complaint that needed some intensive physio and an MRI, BTW it is more than a little better BUT I still have no feeling in my thumb! I also, on Sunday evening, started to get a sore throat. By Monday morning, I felt ROTTEN! And that's putting it mildly! I have felt a lot better today, but now the coughing has started so in order to suppress it (Cough Mixture DID not work at all today) a friend of mine (F) gave me a recipe. It went a little like this:

  • Two lemons (I only had Lemonades which are a sweeter Lemon) cut thickly and simmered in water until the skin is tender and pulp is falling out of its own accord.
  • Nip of Rum and Honey into a large glass.
  • 2 x Panadol (I used Nurofen as it is my preferred medication).

Putting the nip of honey and Rum with the Panadol and pour in the HOT lemon drink. Stir until Panadol has dissolved and drink as hot as you can and GO TO BED!!!!


Also, the tree that fell last week is all cleared up and the clothes line will be installed on Tuesday afternoon. Doesn't the yard look a little bare!

Backyard tree removed

Hoo roo for now...


14 April, 2009

How was your Easter???

Well, we hope that you all have had a great Easter. Although we had a busy one, L is still rather sick at the moment... Easter was a great time to meet up with old friends, new friends and family!

We had the Easter lunch over at the MIL's, Roast Pork, Roast Lamb, Potatoes & Veges... And lets not forget about the deserts! There was so much food it was great!

The next sister down, C, is due to have her second baby in a couple of weeks. She went to have an ultrasound, and was in such pain (overfull bladder) that she had to go a 'release' a little! It actually showed then, that this little fella is actually due in a matter of weeks, a couple less than expected!

The last sister down, O, is about 20 weeks pregnant now. She spent Easter with her husbands family, so we missed out on seeing Rosie. But, Riley more than made up for the 'toddlers' in the room!

Our dear friends, B&K, are expecting their little bundle of joy soon as well! They had a 'baby shower' for the little one, and whilst the girls had tea and cakes inside, the boys also were there for drinks and nibbles outside. K was looking well. Good luck you guys, not long now!

We have been doing a lot of nothing over the last couple of weeks. We have even caught up on everything the TiVo had recorded for us! This was no mean feat, as it was deleting some as it had reached capacity! I installed the software on our laptop so as I can bring shows across from the Tivo to watch later. I still need to get the link across to the xBox so as we can store them there and remove it from the laptop! They are taking a lot of space!

The Royal Easter Show is in town again, and we went on Thursday as a 'pick me up', and again on Saturday. Although, on Saturday we were only there for about 2 hours really! We sat in the Members stand, watched the Show Jumping and L was really not feeling well at all so we left. I got her to wait at the entrance whilst I went and got the car, she could barely walk... We got home, and L went to bed and rested up.

We lost our lemon tree this last summer as well. I think it was from an invasion of the Bronze Orange bug. It had a bout of them last year, followed by another season of them this year. I did spray the tree for them, but unfortunately, it was a little late... We now have to look for a replacement one and to go with the Blood Orange, Lemonade, Chocolate Sapote and Lychee trees. Not to mention the vege patch, which has a pumpkin growing and in Bunnings yesterday, I got two Kale for L, she loves it in a stir-fry.


03 August, 2007

No firm news yet I'm afraid!!

Sorry, but at this stage there is not much to report...

Tests from Tuesday, show that there was a positive result, albeit a low one. The upshot was, however, that the Progesterone was still high, thus not about to cycle. So it was to be repeated today, Friday morning at 7.15am.

A call from the clinic just now, did not carry good news. The Beta HCG level has increased (73 when should have been between 80-100), however, the progesterone is dropping, now at 48 (down from 53) and this could be leading to either a cycle, meaning the IUI did not work, a 'Bio-chemical' pregnancy where the egg was fertilised but did not bury enough into the uterus or an ectopic pregnancy. Luckily enough, the clinic has an on call nurse that you can ring and chat about the process and results further, and I suspect this might be the case. We will know more, and most likely a firm result, on Monday afternoon. A big thank you to all the emails/comments of well wishes, they a greatly appreciated.

So, now how do I cheer up a very sad L? I am thinking of the movies tonight, maybe Harry Potter... She has a Silk Screening class all day Sunday, (we have an 'assignment' on Sunday evening at the Casino High Rollers Room...) so it is only Saturday I have to pick her up. Suggestions please...

edit 9.25pm Fri evening: just back from watching, Licenced to Wed. A bit happier, but still a bit down... Will keep on trying...

further edit, 9.39pm Sat evening: spent the day at the organic markets, then to the hospital to visit nan who's heart is mucking up, and then some gardening. Curry sausages for dinner, and some DVD's, Notes on a Scandle(L) and United 93 me!

23 July, 2007

he's sick this week...

I have handed the baton to B. With almost identical symptoms to how I was last Monday, it is safe to say that he will be no good for work, or anything much else this week. It is a particularly nasty virus, and even though I made it to work today, I left early afternoon, due to the persistent headache which led to being a bit nauseaus, and 'jointy aches'*.

So with all this sickness, it was only right that I make chicken corn soup for dinner. So easy, just the thing when you need to keep your fluids up, and just what B made for me for dinner last week. It is almost foolproof, as proven by me, no measuring required and goes something like this:

Ingredients: onion, chicken, stock, vegetables (carrot, turnip, potato, capsicum, or whatever you like), and two cans of creamed corn.

Brown onion and chicken in pot, add stock bring to boil, add veges bring to boil and simmer slowly for half and hour or so. Then add creamed corn and simmer till ready to serve. Too easy and great with crusty bread or toast.

*achey joints, when I am not 100% I make mix words (sic).

20 July, 2007

she's sick this week...

Well, all has been a bit quiet this week (sorry), but L has been sick, right after our appointment on Monday morning.

We were in the waiting room, and she was sneezing, runny nose and getting a fever of sorts. So after the visit to the clinic, we went home and L simply went to bed, and that is where she has stayed almost all week. She went off to the doctor the following day expecting a day off, but she ended up with the whole week! Can you believe it?!?!

So what has she been doing from her sick bed*? Apart from a lot of sleep, she has now caught up on the latest Dr Phil, Judge Judy, Bargain Hunt & Antiques Roadshow! Mind you, she has also done some housework... It was discovered this week that the Dyson Vacuum cleaner has better suction when the filters are CLEAN! Fancy that hey...?!

Also on the list of achievements has been finishing some of her longstanding craft items; Various quilts and a tapestry.

*Note, whilst all of these have been completed whilst sick with her 4th Flu this winter, she has been either called or SMS from her manager every day, the absolute clincher was this evening at 6.10pm, GO HOME FOR GOD's SAKE!!!