02 June, 2004

"Dull and damp, becoming brighter" was the weather report for today.

It is 5.45pm, Tuesday, 2 June, and we are not long back at the unit. We had a really great day with Bristol Council today. We met with half a dozen council officers and it was all really interesting stuff. I could easily spend the rest of the week here learning from these people. They have a great setup, situated within the CREATE centre, which is a remodeled warehouse with exhibition space, meeting rooms and their offices. Attached to the centre is also a demonstration eco-home operated by volunteers.

We got so much information today we are quite exhausted. Thank goodness we don't have to think about dinner as have been invited to dinner at Ginnie, the Managers tonight, how friendly is that.

We did manage to see some of the sights from the harbour, when we caught a ferry back from the Council. Unfortunately, my camera battery went flat before we caught the ferry so I cannot share the views.

B did some sightseeing and sorted the leak from the apartment above, which didn't look like much when R and I left this morning but really began to flow mid morning. This place is a bit dodgy in some areas - wait till you see a photo of the ironing board when it gets posted.

Anyway gotta go - bangers and mash awaits.

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