16 June, 2004

Back on line again. It was amazing, a couple of days without internet/email access was really trying!!
We have spent the last couple of days in Holt's End, in a little B&B. I say that it is little because I have to duck or bump my head on the beams in the lounge room!!
After saying that my hayfever was getting (slightly) better, I hasten to say, it's WORSE! After a visit to the doctors, I have been prescribed a couple of drugs, and a Ventolin to assist with my now wheezing!! I have a constantly running nose/eyes, to the point that they are nearly red raw! OUCH!!
But, apart from that, I am still really enjoying it over here.
England lost the soccer (yeah), and it is all that is being talked about really!!
We have had a couple of really (strange for here) hot days! To the point of breaking out in a sweat!
I will be going over to see my auntie Pat tomorrow, but my brother has just given me my other auntie (Ann's) address, but I am unsure if I will be able to get over to where she is given such short notice. I will be at Pat's from Thursday night, and Friday, then getting the train back to where both L&R are, so as L and I can hope over to Nth Wales and have a look through on the Sat. On Sat night, we are going to be having dinner with R relatives, then Sunday morning, heading back to London, find a hotel for the night, before both L&R fly out early Mon morning. I have a late flight out for Japan Mon night, arriving back in Sydney around 7.30 Wednesday morning.
Well, I had better pack up my things, and look around town for some things/shops for the girls to see.
Cheers for now.

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