13 June, 2004

It has been a busy couple of days, yesterday was the last day of the presentations for the conference and finished with technical visits. R and I did a bit of a swap which meant that I went on a sailing boat on the fjord, viewing some of the Aalborg urban renewal projects. It was very pleasant and I was able to catch up with Michael from Moreland City Council in Victoria and Belinda from Aberdeen, who are new contacts we have made. I also met a women from a South African university who was quite interesting.

We only got half of the boat trip as the police would not approve the bridge being raised to allow the boat through. This meant about half of the tour was them done on foot.

We had dinner back at the Kunst and Spaghetti, and met up with Michael, and his wife and daughter just as we were finishing, so walked into town for a drink at the pub. It actually got quite chilly (and rained on and off)so we didn't stay for long. We could have gone inside but it was very smokey. We also had an early start with the nature tours today.

I think we could have all done with a day off today. However, the nature visit was really worthwhile. It meant we got to go out and drive through the countryside and villages. We did a bit of 'bushwalking' through the Rold Forest, and were given a guided tour by the Forest Ranger. Part of the tour included the troll forest, unfortunately no trolls were found, I guess we were too noisy. My favourite part of the day though, was the Blue Spring. It was a very gentle walk to get to it, mainly because most of the path was over peat, which made it kind of springy. The Spring itself was crystal clear and didn't look as deep as it's 4m. The Blue luminesence was created by the chalk base of the spring. B will probably provide a few photos.

Well it is time for a bit of a rest before we walk down the road to meet up with Belinda (from Aberdeen) to have dinner together.

Tomorrow we are travelling again. So next entry will be from Northern England.

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