09 June, 2004

When the sun is up around 4:30am, and does not set till around midnight, it makes for a very long day!! Thank goodness the hotel here has heavy curtains!!
It is really lovely here, some nice (old) buildings, lots of little lanes with shops down them, and lots of parks!
I have taken 2 panoramic pics (and loaded them to the 'Briefcase' to show you the views.
I have tried to find some of the memorial coins from Freddrick and Mary's wedding, but they had to be pre ordered. But I am on the trail for them thanks to the lovely people in the visitor centre.
Yesterday, we went to the top of the Aalborg Tower here, it was worth the look!!
Both L & R are at the conference now, and I am about to go and look through town, so see you later.

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