07 June, 2004

It's 11.35pm. We have just packed our bags. Oh my, where has all this stuff come from? and yesterday we posted a 10kg box back to work.

We have had a good weekend. Yesterday we all went to Camden Town Markets, which took us through to early afternoon. B and I got new shoes. I really needed some walkers, the paths here are all uneven with cobblestones just about everywhere, and the shoes I brought with me were just not good enough. I have real London walkers, they are called Fly London. I gave them a workout today, at Kew Gardens.

Yesterday, B and I also took the ferry down the Thames to Greenwich. Greenwich looked great but by this stage we were both quite tired. We should have stayed on the Ferry for the return journey as it was the last one for the day. Instead we caught the light rail, messed up with the train lines and after what seemed like half a dozen trains later ended up at Bayswater where we needed to get off for the walk back to the hotel.

The day at Kew was good. I don't know what we were thinking though - the plan was to do Kew in the morning and the Crown Jewels in the afternoon. We never got to the Crown Jewels though. Kew is a fantastic Botanic Gardens, in particular the tree top walk.

Tomorrow we leave for the conference in Aalborg. So it is time to pack up the computer and get a good night sleep.

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