01 June, 2004

Hi folks,
Well it's now 10:25am June first and what am I doing??
I am doing the washing on a cold and damp Bristol morning. Have just come back from breakfast, where I saw both Louise and Ruth off to work, and sat down (after trying to work out how the washing machine/dryer combo works) to update the pics in the yahoo briefcase. I was sitting here and suddenly I could hear this dripping sound.... DAMN, the unit above us has got a water leak into our dining room (where I am sitting) and it is running down the wall, into a POWER POINT!!
I have been down to the management desk, and there is a plumber on the way!
It seems to be my (un)luck, because when I arrived the day before Lou and Ruth at the hotel in Kensington Gardens, I was upgraded to the 'Executive Suite' as the room I was allocated to was un-made, and with dirty laundry from the bathroom still there!!! I was glad with the up-grade though!!
Once the dryer has finished, I am off to hop on the Big Red Bus tour of Bristol. 7.50 (GBP) will get me a 24 hour commentary trip around all of Bristol. Then, I will take the girls along the same route and tell them what I was told, (we are on a budget here and they are working after all)!!!
Well, I had better go now and get ready. Machine just about finished, and there is a lot to see (I hope).

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