25 December, 2004

christmas day drive

the day started with a (30 minute) drive to B's mums for breakfast. Presents were exchanged, a family photo and a chance to get a few minutes viewing of the 'how to' channel on Foxtel and we were on the road again.

Santa's little helpers take a nap

With the battery on the camera going flat it was a trip to my family home via our place (1-1.5 hours). More presents, lots more food (lunch, dinner and endless snacking in between), as well as a walk to the park and back with the dogs. It was a great day, relaxing with our families.

christmas table 2004

And as if we hadn't done enough driving for the day, our trip home (45 minutes) took in a detour (15 minutes) along Pennant Hills Rd where I can vouch, A's place rivals the later day saints' amazing display.

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