24 December, 2004

christmas lights

we didn't actually get around to putting up the Christmas Tree this year even though I really wanted to, something to do with too much study, and other lame excuses. I had purchased some new decorations from Grok that will now have to wait till next year. I also didn't around to the last minute shop at Westfield, Parramatta, something to do with being too tired Thursday PM. We did however, make the trek to Maple St, Lugarno with A, D and their girls, for Christmas lights. It was a trip well worth it; spectacular lights complete with lots of people, its own radio station playing Christmas carols dispersed with commentary to divert your attention from the queue of traffic km's long, that is following signposted directions and closely mangaged by the SES.

Champagne glass

a bit too much champagne

elves at work

Thomas the Tank Engine with Santa

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