05 December, 2004

not quite a partridge in a pear tree....

and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee, (well nearly!!)

Today, on the way to Meroo to visit Alistair's open garden, we had to do a double back flip when we saw it!!!

It was lovely, just standing there minding its own business when we drove by, we broke as if we were a 747 jet landing, screamed back, another 'u' turn all whilst getting the old digi cam out and started clicking away like Japanese tourist's!!! After a couple of minutes, (we think it got jack of it, or it wanted to start charging us a fee...) it hoped off the fence and started heading for the shade. WOW!

After another hour or so, we finally made it to Berry. This was just as well, as the famous Berry Markets were on (damn, I thought, all the money saved from L not being on eBay is BOUND to be spent here)!! And your right, "she did it again" (sounds a bit like a Kylie song doesn't it??!!??) After a couple of Noddy books, some Bromeliad's and with L buying a pair of Chenille SHORTS (see below), we left a lot poorer.


We then had some lunch and headed for Fair View, Meroo....


It was such a lovely garden, and whilst L hates Canna's, she just had to have one. We are now going to plant out the kids playground in them after seeing Alistair's inspiration with his planting, especially as though they don't really need to much attention as our gardener here is TERRIBLE!!! (not me of course, the one that gets paid to mow weeds!


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