19 December, 2004

a good weekend

my weekend started at noon on Friday. The week before Christmas we get an early mark to attend the work Christmas Party or just get in some last minute shopping. In my case it was to get home for a K-Mart delivery. As luck would have it, even though we were the first to book in for the Friday afternoon timeslot (1pm - 7pm), the delivery guy didn't get to us until 7pm. I was really glad I hadn't booked the La Premiere seats for Lemony Snicket's. It could have been worse however, the guy still had more deliveries to get done. It was quite good he didn't get to our place actually, I was able to catch up with my statistics study, the only study managed this weekend. What was not so good was I didn't get around to getting anything for B for our wedding anniversary. And before terrible thoughts are cast my way, the plan was to get down to the shops once the delivery guy had been, but the shops were shut by the time he got here and there was the small issue of me being carless on Saturday, which thwarted my attempts to make up for Friday. Enough said on that though, except sorry B.

Last night A, Maggie, B and I went to the Carols in the Domain. We caught up with Annali (Hi Annali, she told me she reads this. It's so comforting to know that there is an audience, I think we're up to 4) and her friends. Carols was Fantastic, I liked this one even better than last year's. We had great seats as usual, in the VIP area, just metres from the stage. I caught up with the next sister down (NSD), she was with the littlest sister, their partners and friends mingling with the masses. The NSD came down to see us, B and A visited them in their spot when they went in search of Pavlova (which was very yummy, by the way). B got some great photos....

Carols 2004

so close we could see Guy Sebastions nasal hairs.

We love the Wiggles including Henry the Octopus

Carols Finale

We did the candle thing this time around (thanx A), although A and I were a hazard to ourselves with the whole flame and wax thing.

Today, we had the family (and that includes A) over for lunch, again another good day. The NSD made the cutest cupcakes, I was going to get a photo of the sole remaining one, but B has informed me that he has just eaten it. They were iced pink or white with a frangipani made from marshmallow on the top. Very clever.

All this fun has to stop however, even though my weekend has another day. Tomorrow I must get back to the books. I will take time out though to enjoy the latest addition to our garden...

our first waterlily

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  1. I had such a fantastic weekend with both of you L. Thanks again for including me. Our candles got another chance at Carols on the Village Green with the Munchkins and the whole flame/wax thing was just as precarious!!!!


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