10 December, 2004

I finished the fish!

Tapestry Trout From UK

This morning I finished the tapestry trout that I had purchased in kit form from Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell, England earlier this year! It was quite a relief, I don't like to put a project away until it is finished, otherwise I fear from past experience it may never get done. As it has been quite hot and today also humid, it was getting a little uncomfortable to be working with wool. I have some ideas about how it will be finished off, but that can wait until the autumn.

I hope to finish another project tomorrow; a 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging I started last year but didn't get finished in time for Christmas. I had completed the applique and stitching of it but didn't get the backing done. I lost interest in it when Christmas day came round, however my interest in it has been renewed with loobylu's 'a month of softies' challenge which this month is themed Holiday Hang-ups.

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