30 December, 2004

oh macc!!!!!

What can you say when you have a goloptic Greyhound!!!

Young Macc was comfortable upstairs on our bed, (or so I thought) when I heard this almighty CRY!!!!!!

Upon going upstairs, I looked at Macc, and he was not looking his 'normal' self. He looked as though he was in pain! When I took a closer look, his front right jew claw (sorry if this is not the right spelling/word for this occasion) was at 90 degrees to where it should be, and he was now licking at it in an attempt to not let me see it.

So, I thought, here we go again for an afternoon trip up to Uncle Allen (local Vet) for another payment for his services!!!!

We were all (Macc, Joe L and I) waiting in the waiting room, when 2 other ladies came in with a cat each in a box. Both Macc and Joe went and said their hellos, and when Uncle Al called, it was Macc and me into the operating theatre. After a brief look, prognoosis made, and a tactical approach to it removal was complete, Erin (vet nurse) went out to the waiting room and told all and sundrie to block ears and to come back in another hour!!

Then, with a quick clip of the HUGE nail clippers, it was all over, not to mention a huge call for help from Macc!!! A bright green bandage in place, medication given, and a treat for being a good patient, and we were once again off to the register with Amex in hand!!!

Sympathy please!!

He is now at home recuperating with dinner in bed, and looking very sorry for himself.


  1. Awwwwwww poor thing. Green is a really good colour on you though Macc. Feel better and keep your galloping about the place to a minimum. Saves on your claws and your poor owners nerves!!

  2. It's "dew claw" actually--and he *is* SO sweet!!!


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