27 April, 2010

Day 25: - At sea...

Today was a day at sea, and quite literaly, ups and downs! Let me explain...

As I mentioned yesterday, due to various strikes in Athns, tours were cancelled and we were heading to Crete instead. Well now, Crete is cancelled as SOME of the strikes are now cancelled instead! But this only came through this evening! Now when we were finalising what onshore activities we were to do, the Athens tour had "Enquire Onboard", so I did. It was sold out! But the chap said that we could go on a 'wait list' (and as we were numbers 20-24, there is a likely chance of an additional tour). But with the cancellations and then the cancellations of the previous cancellations, ALL tours are now a goer! Are you keeping up?? If so, drop me an email as I am confused!!

So what did we do today? Well, after breakfast (yumm) we went and had a look around the ship, up to the pool area, a walk around the jogging track and out to the very front of the ship! It was a little chilly and more than a little windy! So we headed back inside and mum went to have a rest, whilst Michael, Julie and I went up to have a look at the Chapel. This was very nice, non-denominational, but quite a nice touch!

We then headed down to lunch (a never ending eat-a-thon on this ship I think) to the 'Windjammer' bar and restaurant. This is at the very back of the ship and offers a wonderful view of the ships wake! Needless to say, some more fantasticly YUMMY food!

After lunch, mum went to a Scrapbooking class, Michael and Julie went to a History Lesson on Turkey and I went for a spa... Oh how I miss my spa!

We then had to get ready for the 'Captains Dinner, a formal night of fancy dreses and suits. As usual, I felt like a fish out of water in my suit, but it had to be done! After dinner, see the pics HERE, we then headed into the Metropolis Theatre for the 'Now And Forever' Singing and Dance Show. There was about a dozen or so performers and was a hour non-stop of dancing and songs from Broadway, ABBA Mamma Mia as an example and the finale ABBA sequence was great!

So tomorrow, we are (hopefully) off to Athens, so make sure you get to see those photos!



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  1. I do hope you have a good day in Athens. I love it there and really enjoyed the sights!


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