15 April, 2010

Louise 11 Dec 1969 ~ 15 April 2009

Today, is the first anniversary, I would like to repost the tribute I did for Louise...

I do not know where I would be, had it not been for my family and friends.

Of particular note, Alex and Sam (Max & Will), I am endebted to your love and support... I really DO appreciate it! Camille and Paddy (Riley & Jamie) & Olivia and Ian (Rosie & Jack), knowing that I have you all there (and the offers of dinner...) thanks guys!

Michael and Julie... I so wish I could simply turn back time, and give you your daughter and friend back... I know that you're hurting, and I love you both dearly...

Mum, for you have given me the strength, love and support, thank you. Helen and Kieran (Jayden and Cameron) and David... I thank you for supporting me through te last year as well.

Maribeth and Jack, my dear friends, I so do not know how I would have coped, for you have been so supportive... Thank you also for your Skype calls and for just being there... Love to you all...

My 'EB Girls' to whom we were suppose to share the wonders of childbirth... Thanks for just being there as well, and for your continued support and friendship.

And all of my friends and family, I say thank you!



  1. I love that tribute Bernie..it is so beautiful and the song is just perfect!Thinking of you and the family today. With love Keith & Renee & Jacob & Mitchell.

  2. You made it, my friend. The First Year. It is so hard, and painful, but you did it.
    You see Louise will always be with you.
    Love never dies.


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