28 April, 2010

Day 26: - Athens

This morning, we arrived in Athens some 2 hours early! We had an original arrival time of 9am, but when we woke up and went for breakfast, we were already docked and people were already heading into Athens (or at least, Peraus!)

So we got ourselves all ready for the day ahead, and headed for the Theatre for our departure. We were segrated into our assigned numbers and positioned in blocks within the theatre! Our number '6' was called and off we went on our adventure for the day. We were of to the Olympia Stadium in Athens, the site for the first of the modern Olympics, as our first stop. All of the pictures of course are in my folder!

Then, after a city tour, we head slightly uphill towards the Acropolis! After parking and getting our bottle of water, assigned the radios to listen to the guide, we headed up the hill towards the Patheon. It was an amazing ascent, full of marble (highly polished, so caution was needed) as a path! Then started the steps to the summit. It was now blowing an absolute gale (if not stronger) up there which made it slightly unpleasant, but it was ok! There was a lot of restoration works in progress, and scaffolding about the place... You could literally see for miles up there; pity most of it was all the same colour and texture used for the blocks of units!

When we got back to the bus, we had a short drive down into the suburb of Plaka, which is still part of Athens, for some lunch and free time to shop. There was a fantastic little strip of shops we walked down with lots of souviners etc, but we first stopped for lunch! I had a club sandwich, with fries and a drink, mum had a baggett, whilst Michael and Julie had a Greek Salad!

We had to be back at the bus for a 3.45pm departure. And I think he was counting down the seconds as SPOT ON 3.45pm, we left! We also had an extra couple of passengers from another tour from our ship, i think they must have missed theirs!

After getting back onto the ship, I had a spa before dinner, and then got ready for the dinner! I had a 'Surf 'n' Turf' and a Pinapple Parfeit (and a Banana Cream Pie). Our waiter, James, seems to think we are constantly hungry, as he is always bringing us seconds, be it appetisers, mains or mainly, desserts! Oh well, just as well as I am going back (heavier) to my PT when I get home!

As we were heading out of the Athens Port, I got some sunset photos as well... Of course, you know where they are...

Tomorrw we are in Rhodes, another Greek Island.



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  1. I couldn't link up, but will go into FB and try again, and I will also check your Flickr page.
    Glad you all had a good day!


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