05 April, 2010

Day 3: - Happy Easter and a day of Cathedrals

Our day started with a crispness we are not becoming used to, and we were off to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool! This is a very modern building, and WOW, is it impressive!

Then it was off to meet up with Aunt Pat for Easter Sunday Mass followed by lunch with her friend Maree. This was a most excellent lunch, company and atmosphere!

Then it was off to Sefton Park to see the Daffodils which was simply AMAZING! The sheer amount of Daffs throughout the park is simply stunning and something we will never see in Sydney! We were told that the Daffs were planted for a pound donation!

As it was another particularly cold day we thought we would head onto the Anglican Cathedral to warm up...

So all up, another busy day, and some well earned rest is to be had! We are heading South tomorrow towards Bath. However, a slight change in plans is going to see us now venture into Wales and then back into the UK via Bristol!

Hope you all had a great Easter!



  1. Looks lovely. It was so warm here that no one came into the house and enjoyed all the cleaning I had done! Oh well, got my spring cleaning done!
    The flowers are lovely and so are those beautiful churches. Glad you are all having such fun!

  2. Hello to you all. I've just been reading this blog to Mum over the phone and she seemed to enjoy it and be interested. It really is great to see yhe great photos and I'm especially pleased you got to see the Catholic cathedral. It was so much talked about in my youth.
    We had quite a nice morning over at Mum'syesterday. Rosie and Riley ran around together.
    Can you please let me know if you get this because I'm not confident that I'm doing this correctly. CG.


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