29 April, 2010

Day 27: - Rhodes

A day Rhodes, Greece... Of course, photos of the day are continued in the folder 'Cruise'!

Our day started with us docking in at Rhodes. It was a very smooth docking! We then headed in for breakfast, and a very casual walk around the deck, before our 10.30 departure for the tour. We drove along the coast up to an archaeological site about 45 minutes outside of Rhodes. It was a lovely sunny WARM day, and the water here in Rhodes is a wonderful blue colour; both dark and light!

When we arrived, I noticed all of the tour coach's up the hill, and thought, oh know! But soon we were climbing up a dirt roadway, leaving a dust trail behind us! Apparently, they get at LEAST 300 days of sunshine a year here, so not much rain at all! BUT, what is even stranger, is that they actually export potable water out to other Greek Islands nearby as he have severe water shortages! Go figure!

Anyways, it was a magnificent site, and we were there for about 90 mins. We then re-boarded the bus to the centre of Rhodes itself. this is a city tat has a new city which is built outside of a wall that as the old city within. The old city, is also that of the Knights of St John, the once protectors of the area.

We then slowly walked back towards the ship, which from dockside with no buildings blocking it, really is quite impressive!

We departed, heading for Kusadasi Turkey, whilst having dinner, (MORE yummy food...) and after dinner, we went to the show which featured tonight, a soloist that sang in both English AND Italian.

So, for tonight, farewell, as we have an EARLY start in the morning. After Kusadasi, we are at sea for the following day before arriving in Alexandria Egypt!


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  1. Have a fun time tomorrow and on your day at sea. I always found those to be catch up on the rest days!


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