22 June, 2010

A busy few days...

I know, I haven't posted for MORE than a few days, but in my defence, I have been busy! From general stuff back at work, to dinner with the girls who USED to work with me, delivering Passionfruits to blogging friends and visiting other friends and babies, then onto football (AFL) for my God-daughter and then getting my car cleaned and dropping off the SIL birthday present, and that was JUST the weekend!

Here are some photos from the dinner night out:

Mel & Clare
Stir Fried Prok Belly Geri choose

And from the AFL on Sunday morning:

AusKick 20 06 2010
Breanna Footy
Breanna Footy
AusKick 20 06 2010

When I got home yesterday, there was an Official Post Delivery Card in my door, saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel, but I was not at home... So, today after work, I went down to the local Post Office to collect my package:

My Parcel
My Parcel INNER
My Parcel in bedroom

Now, it's NOT where it was going to go (funny how when I was away, I had thought it was longer and was going to go somewhere else; but when it arrives, it just seems smaller...) so I decided to put it between the dressers and the bed. I think it looks fine here anyway!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I have an appointment in the afternoon that should be 'interesting', so lets hope it goes well.

Hoo roo for now...



  1. hehe! that second one of the little bear looks like she's doing the Hakka (spelling?)

  2. Looks lovely. I had thought the hallway would be good, but like me, your hallway is probably longer than you thought.
    That Brianna is a hoot! What a girl!


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