13 June, 2010

Happy Valley & Sha Tin Racecourses...

Today, I had the chance to visit both Happy Valley & Sha Tin Racecourses (Hong Kong Jockey Club HKJC). Both were great venues to visit, and both have there fare share of turf management difficulties! For Happy Valley, it is built in the centre of skyscrapers flats, reduced airflow over the turf means more diseases, and in the centre is something like 12 or so soccer pitches. Whilst Sha Tin is simply overworked due to barrier trials as well as race day fixtures! Here are a couple of photos from Happy Valley:

HV Repairing Divits
HV Divit Repair Finish Line
HV Tote Board and Skyline

Whilst I was at Sha Tin, I met an old friend from Uni, Pako. He is the Track Manager for the HKJC, and effectively oversees the operations. I was issued a pass that allowed me to go anywhere he does, and we saw it all from the 'weigh-in/out room' to being right at the start of a 1400m race! It was a great opportunity to get this close to an event. Here are some pics from the day:

ST Access ALL Areas
ST Finish Line
ST Horse Cooldown Zone
ST Weigh-in Room
ST Finish Grandstand
ST Handelers and Starter
ST Almost Ready
ST And they're off
ST Me and PAKO on the Track

When I finally got back to the hotel, I quickly had (another) shower and hit the streets to find some stuff, have dinner and check it all out. I did NOT find any stuff, I had a VERY cheap dinner, and I checked out only some of the nightlife. Guess I will have to come back for another visit!

Hoo roo for now...


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