11 June, 2010

Welcome to Hong Kong

Ok, that was a LONG flight from Helsinki, but I am here... I say long, as it was 9.5hrs, but I also got a little bit of sleep! Clearing immigration was such a breeze as well, now to get into central Hong Kong... After all is said and done, it was SO easy!

I got to the hotel, the hardest part was getting out of the Central Station due to traffic, but upon arrival, I checked-in and found myself on the 10th floor. The room, whilst comfortable enough, is all marble and glass. Even the wall of the bathroom is glass AND even from the shower into the bedroom is glass, so no modesty here!!

HK Room... Massive Bed
Glass Bathroom

I had a shower, and hit the streets... I was on a task to get a 'Danbo'... I searched high and low last night without success... I am hoping that tonight, when I search low and then high, I might find one!

happy with you

I also made the mistake of walking into a camera shop... $1,700HKD later, I have a new lens!

Hong Kong Sreet
Test New Lens
Test New Lens

Tomorrow, I am heading off to the Happy Valley Race Course, before heading across to meet with Pako (I went to Uni with him) at the Hong Kong Jockey Club's, Sha Tin Race Course!

Hoo roo for now...


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