28 June, 2010

How was your weekend?

How was my weekend, a bit busy and a bit of a headache... Let me explain.

Saturday, saw me heading west out to the foot of the mountains to visit mum, and have lunch with her. It had been a little while since catching up with her, and it was great to see her again.

I then left her to go to Blacktown Olympic Park, which was the venue for the Baseball and Softball when Sydney hosted the Olympics. However, it is now more of a multi-purpose sporting facility, mainly AFL and Cricket being played on the main arena. It is also the (temporary) home for GWS AFL Club until they are included into the national competition in 2012, when they move to Homebush. I was here though, to see a mate have a run-on game, and I think he had a great game!


I had to leave though, about 1/3 through the last quarter so as I could meet up with my brother and a few friends for the Swans v Collingwood match. It was really touch and go as to making it on time, but I managed to get in with about 15 minutes to spare! However, the result was NOT a good one!

Sunday, I went to the bakery and grabbed some morning tea, before heading to see the B & SIL with M & W. They are doing some renovations there soon, and we chatted about these whilst having morning tea and coffee! I headed home with the best of intentions to do some gardening, however a rapidly hitting headache (which turned migraine) put that to a halt, and instead, I slept it off only waking to put Mr M out for a wee stop and to feed Miss J.

So, that was my weekend, I hope that yours was a good one!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. My weekend was good. Got to play with my grand-niece and nephews and saw a lot of my family!


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