14 June, 2010

Last day in Honkers...

My last day in Honkers was a bit foggy... Literally! On the night before, there was a couple of lightening bolts, cracks of thunder and a bit of a downpour! So when I woke, and saw that there was fog over the peak near the hotel, I thought my day was going to be 'touch 'n' go'! But, I checked out, and got the taxi to the Hong Kong Central railway station, and to my surprise, I checked my bag there and then! ONLY, 12 hours EARLY!!!

I then got onto the train that takes me out to the airport, where I had to get a cab to the cable car that takes you to the peak. And the fog (and rain) was closing in! But I joined the line, got a 'Crystal Cabin' which had a glass bottomed floor, and I was on my way. I my cabin, there was a couple of Chinese men, (one fell asleep), 3 youngish (18/20 maybe) Chinese girls and a friend of theirs an Irish boy (also 20ish) and myself! In some ways, I followed their lead with regards to photos (feet through floor) but when I got my BIG lens out, I think I put them into quietness as they went very quiet! Anyway, here are some pics of the trip up...

Cable Car Going Up Clear right
Tower Three
Crystal Cabin Glass Floor

Once we got to about halfway, we were in fog clouds that blew through, and by the time we got to the very top, it was even thicker!

Misty Cable Car
Off into the mist

Ngong Ping is Hong Kong's first ZERO plastic Shopping Bag Village, and I think they are very proud of this fact.

Ngong Ping Village ZERO Plastic Bag
Ngong Ping Village ONLY Plastic Bags
Ngong Ping Village02
Ngong Ping Village03
Ngong Ping Village05

I started to walk to the Buddha, but the further I walked to it, the thicker the fog got, so I looked at my phone (AKA watch) and decided, nup, I can not wait and I headed for lunch and then the trip down... Oh well, next time, I will get to see the Buddha, but for now, here is what I found...

Giant Buddha, Ngong Ping 360

The flight home, well, that's for another post I think, once my complaint has been addressed!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Great shots as usual! I especially like the Buddha!

  2. UNFORTUNATELY, it is not mine... I found that one to include as reference as it was 'fogged out'!


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