15 June, 2010

Never again QANTAS, NEVER again...

Today, I got a nice package in the mail. Well sort of, as I had to go to the Post Office to collect it. AND, it could not have come at a better time either! I have made GOLD with my preferred carrier, Emirates!

Gold Package
Gold Card

Here's the reason WHY I will not fly QANTAS again!

I boarded my flight home in Hong Kong. Shortly after the meal service, when Coffee, Teas and Hot Chocolates were being offered, I requested a Hot Chocolate and a sugar. A summary of the dialogue is below:

  • ME: Can I please get an additional sugar please?
  • CM: It is really sweet
  • ME: Yes, but can I please have an additional sugar
  • CM: It is REALLY sweet...
  • ME: Yes, I realise this, but can I please have an additional sugar?
  • CM: (after much looking and snide remarks to another female crew member) Handed me a sugar and said with a fair amount of sarcasm, “Well, I suppose it’s to each their own...”

All of this was in front of my adjoining passengers, and both in front, behind and across the aisle. In fact, the gentleman in the seat across the aisle asked if I was OK and shook his head!

  • ME: Yes it is to each their own, and I would like additional sugar, thank you, and can I also have a Cabin Manager please?

After some time, the CSS for the Economy section came to me (with the CM) and discussed it and the CM at this stage was asked by the CSS to leave as he was insisting to ‘butt in’. She apologised for the altercation, and in fact mentioned that it is quite ‘out of character’ for him. Shortly after, the overall Cabin Manager, 'D' came and spoke to me regarding this situation, and to see if there is anything else I would like, another Hot Chocolate, Coffee/tea etc...

At this point in time, I felt totally humiliated, and embarrassed and all I wanted to do was sleep... SO, QANTAS, I will be offloading my 160 odd thousand points as soon as I can, changing my Platinum CC to the one Emirates want me to have. At least their Cabin Crew are polite and fulfill all requests when made with a smile!

Hoo roo for now...


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