04 March, 2011

Cold Dinner, Joint Airforce Flyover and local sights

Last night, we went down into the local shopping center, where I got a couple (OK, FOUR) new tee-shirts. I also wanted to get a new pair of casual shoes, but by the time we had dinner, the shops were starting to close! But we did have, allegedly, dinner! Whilst I had a Teriyaki chicken, which was barely 'luke warm' let alone hot, and M also had a 'luke warm' dish as well... At least we were not sick today!

Today was a bit of a catch up day after loosing a day due to my work computer not playing. I spent most of yesterday swapping files from one PC to another, and due to there being a large volume on it, and limited space on the network, it was a slow and laborious project...

BUT, after a 'tip off' I wondered out just before lunch time as there was to be a joint USAF & RAAF flyover.

RAAF & USAF Sydney Flyover

On my way back to the office, I also got a few shots of some of the local sights...

Opera House
Gov House
Kirribilly House
Boy with a Thorn
Couple of GHFF

The weekend, is again, going to be a bit of a busy one, starting with my nephews Grand Final for Baseball, followed by a lot of painting, weather permitting!

Hoo roo for now...


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