27 March, 2011

A weekend in Auckland PART II of III

Auckland Day 2
Spotting, Scenery and Sunsets

The day started with an early morning, as we had heard that the NZ A320 ZK-OAB was to be depart Auckland for Wellington at 7am. OAB is a special livery aircraft for the All Blacks Rugby, and it is a fantastic scheme. HERE is a short video about the painting of the aircraft (check out how they get it OUT of the Hanger!). It was dark, and we were on the road to the airport. We were told that the multi-story carpark would be a possibility, so that's where we headed.

I tried a couple of 'test shots', in an attempt to get settings right, but even still, it was difficult lighting/conditions (lots of light poles) for it... But here are the 'test shots' and OAB on its departure.


So after its departure, we got some breakfast (the hotel breakfast wasn't much) and then headed over to the dedicated spotting area for the day. It was a great day, blue skies, clear and a really nice temperature (although, a degree or two more could have been nicer!)... Here are some pics...

Spotting NZ744

We went and got lunch late in the day, and when we got back, there was a local radio station looking for a location to do some promotional work. They almost ALWAYS seem to have a good looking chick at these things, and on this occasion, it was most CERTAINLY the case! Not sure as to why, but they do. So, I went over and asked if they are owned by the same company as our 2DayFM/MMM in Sydney, and oddly enough, they were and the girl had done some dealings with our very own Hamish & Andy! After a couple of minutes, she gave me some samples, Usher aftershave, a magazine and some Chocolate Sauce (and some stickers as well). After a short time, a 'Mr Whippy' van also turned up, and they were giving out ice-creams to everyone as well!

ZM's Mr Whippy
ZK-NBT Arrival
Moo Smile

We then headed back into town (via One Tree Hill) to get some headache pills as my headache was getting unbearable... I have been having these headaches for a couple of weeks now of varying intensities, but today's was just about as much as I could bare. I was beginning to feel nauseous, and even suggested to J that he might have to take over the driving duties! I eventually found a Chemist in the Newmarket area, on the way into Auckland. We went to the top of One Tree Hill, which you can clearly see both Auckland City in one direction and the Airport behind us. It gives a great perspective of the city as a whole...

Auckland City
Sir John Logan Campbell Kt

We then headed into the city, through Parnell and we stopped where L and I had discovered the Cat Lady of Auckland back in 2006. It is a nice location, and gave us a vista over the city with the sun setting behind, giving a silhouette effect.

AKL Sunset

I then had to remember the way through the city and onto the freeway and then over the Harbour Bridge for the North Shore. This would give us a great overview of the city for a nice night shot. We passed a spot that gave a nice outlook, but in an attempt to get both the city AND the rising moon (which was at its largest since 1992) we got a little off the beaten track, and found ourselves somewhere (but not lost) where the city had disappeared. So we headed back to the freeway, managed a different exit to do a U-Turn and back to a foreshore location. It was now very dark and after tending to some nature, set up the tripod and got some shots. I got both the city AND the moon!

AKL Night
19032011 Moon AKL

Then, it was time to head back to the city (headache getting worse again) to get some dinner. I got us back to the fish markets, as I recalled a great fish 'n' chip place there. But, by the time we got in, it had closed, but we did find a really nice Chinese place. There was also 4 Ferrari's parked here, Red, Yellow, Black and a Gun Metal coloured one. It made for some great photography as well! Food was excellent, company as well, and of course, we had both overeaten!

As it was going to be a very early start in the morning to head down to Rotorua, we headed back to the hotel for some shut eye...

Part III of III will be up sometime tomorrow...

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Love the night shot! That is totally awesome! I had seen the moon ones before and also love that as well.
    Got to get that blood pressure down!


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