03 March, 2011

A catch up and "Kids say the strangest things"

Today, I got to catch up with an old work mate who I haven't seen in MONTHS... And I also got to talk to her daughter as well!

They came in for lunch before heading to a class, so we had lunch where we had fish 'n' chips. Little E had some of the chips, as the children's sandwich's were egg, ham and cheese. Not together, but 3 half sandwich's! This was a little excessive for a 4yo, and there was no sausage rolls left either, so she just had some of our chips. After lunch though, I got some coffees to walk and drink (more on this later) but Miss 4 wanted a biscuit. I took her over to pick which one she want. Here's a couple of her more memorable quotes:

  • Mummy, leave it, the lady will do it... (To A (mum) cleaning up her crumbs on the table)
  • I don't want one of those half one's, make sure its a FULL one! (the Biscuit jar had a broken one in it at the front).

We then walked back towards my office, and on the lawn out front with LOTS of people sitting relaxing and enjoying their lunch, we said our goodbyes until next week... And with arms extended wide so as NOT to bump or spill coffee over each other, all was well... Until retracting from the hug, arms 'bumped' and my coffee was now in juggle mode. I thought I had it caught, but no, it was a slippery little sucker and it went crashing to the pavement... Oh well, everyone looking, we laughed it off!

After that, I went back to the office and back to work... After work, I got home in a fair amount of time and did the lawns, again, and continued the housework, before heading out to the shops where I got another 4 tee-shirts!

I also managed to get my registration completed for my conference in April, so now all that is left is the accommodation and train from London to Ghent via Brussels! Shouldn't be to hard! Also, only thing left for Auckland is (also) accommodation and car hire, either way, not to much of a biggie either, but this will be done tonight!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. So sorry about the coffee. I'm afraid I do the same when I try not to. Never hug me when I have a full cup! lol!


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